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This is  an organisation that supports research studies carried out in England with the help of people who use NHS services and people who work in them.For More  Information

The Mental Health Research Network


Mental Health

Involving, Engaging, Informing

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Community Mental Health in Your Area

.A close relationship exists between long-term physical conditions and mental health and wellbeing. Long-term physical conditions often affect a patient’s mental health, and psychological wellbeing can also have an impact on the effectiveness of treatment for, and a patient’s ability to manage, long-

term conditions.


Recent HES statistics indicate

Mental Health Service Users are

twice as likely to use  the acute

sector as  non mental health

service users


Despite this, many individuals do

not receive care that

addresses both their physical and

psychological needs. A Mental Health Network Report brings together the evidence


Also see Twice as Likely, a joint report from the Depression Alliance, British Heart Foundation and other charities that  looks at the way people with long terms health conditions and depression are treated.

Physical and Mental Health

How Mental Health  Loses Out in the NHS

Maternal Mental Health  

Guidance that looks to provide a structured approach on common issues associated with maternal mental health and wellbeing, from pregnancy through the early months after the birth. focuses on the role of the health visitor but also recognises the essential contributions of partners in midwifery, mental health, general practice and third sector.


The Pathway: 

  • sets out the benefits and principles for health visitors, midwives, specialist mental health services and GPs working together in pregnancy and the first postnatal year, as the basis for the detailed local pathway to meet the physical and mental health and wellbeing needs of parents, babies and families 

  • builds on good practice and evidence drawn from the professions 

  • outlines the challenges and potential opportunities 

  • endorses the practice of joint working and encourages an integrated approach to service deliver


The drastic fall in Health Visitors  since 2004 has been reversed in recent years with a strong Government committment to  raise the number of Health Visitors trained by 4000  by  2015. based on 2009/10  staffing numbers. By May 2013  the Government had added  between 500- 600 Health Visitors to the  2010 numbers depending on if one considers FTEs or pure  head count so  it has along way to go. Hopefully this will not impact  on implementation of the new  guidance  as GPs are also complaining of increased workloads due to their new commissioning responsibilities  and midwife staffing levels in some areas of the country are also under pressure

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The Link Between Schizophrenia and Heart Disease


A new study on the link between Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and schizophrenia. CVD is the leading cause of premature death in schizophrenia patients, who die from heart and blood vessel disorders at twice the rate of people without the mental disorder.