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HealthWatch aims to help improve  the involvement, engagement and information for  service users, carers, service providers and staff at  a critical time in the history of the development of health and social care services


HealthWatch and accompanying social media feeds are maintained on an entirely  voluntary and non-profit basis.



There is a regular update that can be followed at Twitter  @NHSWatch or  at Facebook.com/healthwatch.org.uk


If you  feel  there is an inaccuracy, missing  information  you wish to provide contact info@healthwatch.org.uk



Involving, Engaging, Informing



HealthWatch is a registered Trademark  of  Path-to-Health Limited  and has no connection to other similarly named  organisations including Healthwatch England, Local Healthwatch or  HealthWatch-uk.org. This  site receives no  Government, Local Authority, NHS or private health  and social care funds. Any organisations and links promoted on this site are provided free and without sponsorship or any other finance


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